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Welcome to Phoenix Einzel Co., Ltd.

My name is Shuichiro Haruyama, and I became president of new company in October 2015. 

Our company develop daily necessities such as pet goods and vacuum cleaner paper packs. Among them, “The poop bag POITA” has been especially popular with everyone for many years. We have split up from the parent company. The name of the company comes from a strong belief in continuing to offer valuable and original goods without enduring them like an immortal bird. Company concept is “sincerity”, “enthusiastic” and “creative”. Based on one's experience and human resources, it's our mission that continuing to offer valuable and originalgood never enduring them. Recently the pet industry, our flagship product, is also entering a new stage worldwide. Active challenges to these are also a major task. We will do my best with high aspirations.

CEO Shuichiro Haruyama




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